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breakfast menu

toast - 8 (v)
organic sourdough, turkish, multigrain or gluten free
with homemade jam, vegemite, peanut butter or local honey

banana bread - 8 (v)
with homemade berry jam

wholegrain muesli - 16 (gf, df, v)
coconut pannacotta, blueberry compote, house made fruit & nut muesli, fresh berries

free range eggs on toast - 13 (v)
poached, fried or scrambled on sourdough

eggs benedict - 19 (v)
poached eggs, english muffin, wilted spinach with
mushroom - 21

bacon or salmon -

shakshuka - 21 (vo)
two poached eggs in a fennel & cumin spiced tomato sauce with chorizo, raita & warm pita bread

smashed avocado on wild grain toast - 22 (v)
roasted truss tomatoes, feta, two eggs poached, balsamic glaze, snow pea sprouts & pistachio dukkah

mushroom on turkish - 21
truffle, garlic, lemon & thyme mushrooms, basil pesto, hayter's hill free range poached egg, toasted walnuts on turkish with shaved pecorino

fishheads royal - 24
grilled calamari, prawns & fish of the day, herbed hollandaise, spinach & poached eggs on a toasted english muffin

lobster & prawn omelette - 23 (gf)
chilli, ginger, caramelised onion & spinach with a shallot, carrot, cucumber & coriander salad, lime & soy dressing

breakfast greens - 19 (gf, df, vo)
salsa verde tossed greens, pistachio dukkah, avocado, pomegranite & two poached eggs
+ smoked salmon - 5

fishheads big breakfast - 24
bacon, truss tomatoes, herb & chedder potato rosti, field mushroom, hayter's hill pork sausage & eggss fried, poached or scrambled on sourdough toast

two hayter's hill free range eggs - 4
spinach, field mushroom, avocado - 4
roast tomato, potato rosti - 4
bacon, pork sausages, smoked salmon - 5

All menus subject to change without notice